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So I finally decided to do a few remixes of some of my favorite songs from The Animals (Instead of doing work like I was supposed to).

This is just a quick session from today. I will probably go back and tweak these some more. Kind of bizarre and fun. The idea started with “House of the Rising Sun”. I’ve always thought it could sound really interesting slowed down. So, I slowed it down, and tweaked some other bits. Then I decided to do a few more of The Animal’s songs to finish off a quick little EP.

It’s about 20minutes of music, and I’m calling the Album: When ANIMALZ Attack.

Track 01: House of the Rising Sun (quit a long intro on this guy)

Track 02: Little Red Riding Hood

Track 03: Wild Thing

Hopefully this is fun for other people besides me. If not, oh well. (Will probably show up in 3 separate Audio Posts - I can only do one per day I guess).

What can I say? My place of employment is very unique and strange.

It does make for very interesting days.

Well, once again my friends at worked have placed my liking to a bizarre shrine. I now have a personalized Pez, or Grez, Dispenser. Yep, packaging and all. It even has personalized candy flavors: Orange Scooter Crunch, Orange Extra Hot Sauce and Orange Gurtberry.

I have to admit it is flattering, though in a twisted way. It’s very strange how many things apparently look like me, or at least are funny to say they look like me. I’m not sure if I’ll ever have a group of co-workers/friends quite like this again. For now, I’ll take it as a compliment, and in the future when I’m elsewhere with kids and a mortgage, I’ll remember I once had a Grez Dispenser (it even has on one of my favorite shirts and pair of jeans).

Pittsburgh Courthouse Fire

Was working, then heard a commotion, and everyone realized the courthouse building across the street was on fire. It’s kind of crazy. Old building that looks like a castle:



Co, this one goes out to you (Since I think you’ll enjoy it the most and you know the person who drew them - Erin Jarvis). A friend/co-worker has been drawing these over the past 1.5 yrs or so. Apparently if you add red hair, glasses and a beard to anything, it looks like me. They’re original and funny. Enough said.

Enjoy, or not, the choice is yours:

Penguins Free Practice Day

So this Sunday morning I got to experience something that I’ll probably never have the chance to experience again. A Pittsburgh Penguins practice at the brand new Consol Energy Center for free. To top it off, I got to sit where ever I wanted. The doors opened at 8:45, and I arrived at aprox. 8:40 am. There were already several thousand people waiting in line. The line went quick, and I got a really decent seat at center ice about 15 rows up. There really isn’t a bad seat in the entire arena, so I would’ve been happy with anything (especially for free).

If you know me, you’ll know I actually don’t like sports at all. I enjoy watching them with friends from time to time, but in general, I’m happier without them… that is until I discovered Hockey - and I could make an exception for Soccer, if anyone in the States actually watched it. I am now a true and avid Hockey fan. With that said, here are some pics from this weekends practice, and of the new arena. Can’t wait until the season begins. LETS GO PENS!

Well, enjoy. This is my old roommate and friend, Ian Fitch at his finest. Though I should add that his girlfriend did help with lead vocals. The name of their band is now slipping my mind, as many names of things/bands/places do. The show was a blast, and totally ridiculous. Yes, Ian is wearing a wet suit. 


Saturday September 4, 2010

After the wedding I attended for a good friend back home in Austin, a few of us decided to go out for a nice dinner. I love sushi, and a good friend of mine and his wife love it as well, so they suggested this new place called Uchiko. This place was a blast. My favorite type of modern architecture mixed with good food.

There are no entrees or appetizers. You just keep ordering things… it’s sort of like Japanese style tapas (though I guess this isn’t that unusual for a sushi house). The sake was good, and served in little wooden square boxes in which they purposely overflowed the glass so that it filled the bottom of the box slightly. Each sushi dish was served with an accompanying  garnish and sauce and served on a dark rose wood (I’m guessing) board. The dishes were extremely fresh and flavorful. If I had written this sooner or taken notes, I would be able to tell you exactly what we got, but I didn’t, so I’m not going to embarrass myself trying.

To top everything off, the service we experienced was outstanding. Our waiter was extremely informative with every dish. After a while we had random servers coming to give us our dishes (which we shared family style), but they were just as informative.

For desert we had corn… corn ice cream, cookie, yogurt of some sort. I’m sure if you really really like corn (think corn bread) you’d love it. For me, it was a little too corny.

If you take my word for anything, and actually I hope you don’t, I’d definitely tell you to try Uchiko out if you get a chance. You’d better bring a few extra bones though, the price tag on all this stuff is pretty stiff. We left paying aprox $140 (3 people), and were still hungry (though the food did seem to settle a bit before we went to our second, cheaper fill food location - East Side King:

Uchiko (also they have a spot called Uchi):

There is also a place in Pittsburgh, which I have yet to go, that seems along the same line. It’s run by a highly trained Japanese chef: (google), website:

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